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while my guitar sweetly wails.

i woke up this morning feeling a bit down. i was having this totally sweet dream where all these hot babes were watching me wail on this guitar (awesome) and i was wailing so hard everything totally started to shake (but in a sweet way) and then i start to wail even harder (i don't know how i managed to) and then suddenly the building falls down around me and i'm standing there wailing and i realize all the babes have been crushed. and then aj's waking me up telling me i'm late for work.

work is LAME. i tried to tell him ninjas do not work, but i was so groggy he just kinda shoved me out the door and i forgot about it until i got here. i want to flip out, but i'm feeling too down.

it gets tiring, flipping out all the time, chopping off heads. i act like that's all i want out of life, but a life of blood and crap-filled pants may not be what i want. i feel alienated from the people i care about - constantly kicking them all right in the face doesn't help. maybe i should spend more time flying or stabbing. something just to break up the head-chopping routine.

oh yeah! many thanks go out to Xxsometimes_i_cryxX. i LOVE my new argyle ninja outfit. thank you so much, honey! <3 <3 <3!!!!!!

i just wish i didn't have to flip out and chop off heads to really feel alive.
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